Saturday, September 18, 2010

260/365: Finish it Off!

now this is the way to eat cake!

259/365: Back on Campus

took a stroll on the UT campus with a friend today.
how i miss those college days....

258/365: Stuck

am i the meanest mom in the world??
which is more important? capturing the moment or rescuing my son?

257/365: Happy Birthday Dad

our family attempt at a cake for dad's birthday.
at least it was yummy!

256/365: Curriculum Night

love capturing the kid's school work:
"the symbol for texas i the bluebonets. t blue remins us of rain."

255/365: Four Seasons

after dinner last night, we went to my favorite place in austin for a drink and these greeted us as we walked in.  can you say texas-inspired?

254/365: Date Night

and a birthday celebration for my sweetie.

253/365: SOCCER!!

we are all excited in our house that the fall soccer season has started.
especially bubba!

252/365: A Travelin Boy

oh so happy as i whisk him from one after-school activity to another...

251/365: A Trip to the Library

always gets you pumped up to read!

250/365: Freedom!

and he's off....

249/365: Would you like some help?

you are getting awfully independent young man.

248/365: Cheers!

relaxin' texas-style!

247/365: Lake time!

for some reason, you make this look very uncomfortable.

246/365: Sleepy Boy

he's resting up for our big labor day weekend plans!

245/365: Hmmm...

can you guess which one is momma's?

244/365: EEK!

we've had a few uninvited guests in our house recently.

243/365: Teethin

does that croc feel good bubba?

242/365: Back to the Grind

isn't so easy to get up & going the 2nd week of school is it sis?

241/365: This is Church?

marshmallow bobbing? frozen waffle toss?
yup, this is church!

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